We can tell you how great we think our practice is, and how much we love it, but what really matters is what our patients think, and how they feel after their experience with us. Here is what they have to say:

Every aspect of my visit to Kemp Dental was excellent. I have never seen my teeth look so great! I was truly amazed when I looked in the mirror at home. Suzanne was extremely careful and helpful. I have the highest opinion of her professionalism and of all of the staff at Kemp Dental! I feel very fortunate to have found such a great dentist office."

—Laura McLean

"Dr. Kemp has been my dentist for 20 years and I have been extremely pleased with his services. A few years ago I had the need to have some extreme repair work done to keep the functionality of my teeth and my smile. Basically, I had to get something done to be able to chew my food and eat normally. And, due to the nature of my business - I am a performer and my business is called "The Magic of Smiles" - My Smile is very important to me. Dr. Kemp and his wonderful staff restored my smile, as well as my ability to chew food, resulting in my improved health and well-being. If anyone is in need of a caring and professional dentist, there is none finer than Dr. Kemp and his wonderful staff!!!" "

—Dr. Gary Flegal

I looked and interviewed cosmetic dentists for 11 years before having Dr. Kemp do my full-mouth restoration. I knew from the first few minutes that I could trust him and his staff to do an amazing job with the restoration. "

—Nancy Daniels

I love Dr. Kemp and everyone there! It’s like a big family. The support staff is wonderful. It’s about the relationship for me and they take great care of me. I feel absolutely fantastic."

—Kim Ha-Campbell

Dr. Kemp has been a long-time friend who always told me he could fix my teeth and smile. The entire process was not difficult and the results were absolutely fantastic! I am no longer ashamed to smile and would recommend the procedure to anyone. The staff and Dr. Kemp truly are a family. As a patient you are welcomed in as well."

—John Brewer

I am so grateful to Dr. Kemp and his staff for all of their great care. I could not imagine a more professional, well run office or better dental care than Dr. Kemp and his staff provide."

—Dr. Biesman

Your commitment to quality dental care, people in need and your focus on Christ keeps me coming back. It is also the reason why I'm always referring you to my friends and people who ask me "do you know a good dentist?""

—Shelly Bodkin

The total experience was unexplainable from the moment I walked in to the office to the moment I walked out. The personal attention given to each patient was top notch and made me feel like I was a person rather than just another number in a shelf of records. Every employee fully explained what they were doing and went into detail on any follow up that was needed."

—Marco Crank

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